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Live Music with an Attitude

Band Info And Cost

So..... You need a band?

Welcome!!! On this page you will learn that it is always better to hire a live professional band rather than a Disc Jockey. Take the time to go over this page and you will be able to make the right decision on whatever function you are having.

WEDDINGS: Do you remember the last time you went to a wedding that had a great band? Probably not. That's because most people hire DJ's to play their weddings. They think they can get the most out of a DJ because of the money. Check this out! Our professional band is not much more than a DJ. You will be able to entertain your guests the right way. Great live music played by the band and also the best of that ultimate dance music that everybody loves. Compact discs will be played in conjunction with the band to give your reception the best of both worlds.

FESTIVALS: We play many church festivals and firemens festivals all over the tristate area. I am sure that your party will enjoy the great variety of music that we play.

CLUBS AND TAVERNS: We play very many clubs and taverns all across Pennsylvania and Maryland. There is no club to large. We use our own production at every show and it is large enough to fill every room, no matter what size. Our show will never cost you money. We build our show around your customer base. We build on your customer base a following that will make it lucrative for both your business and our band.

BASE PRICING: Depending on location, our base cost to hire our band for a four hour show is 600.00. Since this is different in some cases, you should always contact us to nail down a contract.

Thank you for taking the time out to review this page. We are certain that we can do the right tailored show for whatever occasion you have. Since we play many shows per year, we book very much in advance. E-mail me at the address below to reserve your date or go to our contact page and reach me by phone or mail. We look forward to serving your establishment or party that you are having. See you soon.


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